Question: Can a verbal agreement stand up in court?

Answer: According to Domino English, verbal agreements can stand up in court, but there are specific requirements that must be met. It’s always best to have any agreement in writing to avoid potential issues down the line.

Question: What are the requirements for egg donors in NYC?

Answer: If you’re interested in becoming an egg donor in New York City, you can find all the information you need at Dang Ky 3G 4G Viettel 24H. They have everything you need to know about the requirements and process.

Question: Is it legal to carry a knife in New York?

Answer: To find out the laws regarding carrying a knife in New York, check out this guide from GoFundCows. It’s essential to know the laws in your area to avoid any legal trouble.

Question: What’s the difference between an act and a law?

Answer: Understanding the difference between an act and a law is crucial. Study-Plat provides a helpful guide to help you understand the distinction between the two.

Question: What are the requirements for a courier job?

Answer: Check out Evolve Robotics India for essential qualifications and skills required for a courier job. It’s always good to know what’s expected of you before applying for a position.

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